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Will I Lose My License?

It is easy for individuals facing DUI charges to lose their driving privileges. In Georgia, first-time offenders have their licenses suspended for a year. Punishments increase with subsequent violations; many risk losing their licenses for five years or, in some cases, permanently. Drivers of commercial vehicles are especially at risk — they face lower thresholds for conviction, and harsher punishments that typically compromise their employment.

In some cases, a lawyer can protect your right to drive. To this end, the law offices of T. Kevin Mooney, Attorney at Law, can help. Kevin has offered aggressive and effective protection to drivers in Atlanta for nearly 25 years. He understands the law; he understands the local courts; he knows how to fight to assert your rights and interests.

How Will I Get To Work?

It is essential to act quickly. As soon as you fail a chemical test (or upon your refusal to submit to a chemical test), an officer will confiscate your license and issue you a temporary permit. The state will then automatically begin the process of suspending your license, and you have only 10 days to challenge this motion — if you do nothing, your license will be revoked for at least 12 months.

Yet there are means to protect your right to drive, and a lawyer can help you attain them. Specifically, a lawyer can:

  • Request an administrative hearing and advocate on your behalf to rescind any efforts to suspend your license
  • Help you obtain a temporary or limited driving permit that ensures you're able to drive to your place of employment
  • Submit paperwork necessary to reinstate your license
  • Challenge the underlying DUI charge and have any allegations reduced or dismissed.

Asserting Your Rights In Matters Of License Revocation And License Suspension

If you would like to learn more about how to protect your driving privileges, reach out to T. Kevin Mooney. You can call his office at 404-436-6150, or contact him online.

He offers free initial consultations, so he can inform you how he might help without obliging you to retain him.

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