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An Attorney Who Knows Both Sides Of The Law

The law office of T. Kevin Mooney, Attorney at Law, offers aggressive legal representation to individuals charged with criminal offenses. Kevin understands the severity of the situation, and works diligently to protect his clients' rights. No matter the allegations, Kevin is committed to helping individuals avoid jail time, costly financial penalties, driver's license restrictions and other associated punishments that Georgia's authorities are likely to seek.

Prior to opening his private practice, Kevin served as an assistant district attorney — that is, he used to prosecute criminals. He understands thoroughly how the state pursues such cases, and has an intimate knowledge concerning where stakes are most liable to arise. As such, he is uniquely suited to help his clients prepare a firm defense.

Defense Against All Types Of Drug Charges

Georgia punishes drug offenders severely. Possession of even small amounts of marijuana can land an individual in jail for up to a year. The majority of other possession charges — whether for marijuana or anything else — are treated as felonies, and carry still more severe consequences.

Kevin is adept at defending his clients against both misdemeanor and felony charges, in both state and federal court. He will examine all aspects of the allegations his clients face, and work rigorously to have the charges reduced and, when possible, dismissed.

Protection For Individuals Facing Allegations Of Violence

Atlanta frequently ranks among the top 10 most dangerous major cities in America with regard to violent crime. While its public safety has improved dramatically since 2000, incidents of burglary, domestic violence, assault and battery, aggravated assault and rape nevertheless remain prevalent. As such, prosecutors are not lenient in their pursuit of criminal offenders, seeking maximum prison terms and stiff financial penalties.

If you are facing criminal allegations, it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney who will assert your rights throughout the legal process. T. Kevin Mooney has proved himself adept at building effective defenses for clients charged with criminal offenses.

A Firm, Effective Defense

If you are facing criminal charges and would like to speak with a lawyer, reach out to T. Kevin Mooney. You can call him at 404-436-6150 or contact him online.

Kevin offers free initial consultations, so you can discuss the details of your case with him, and he can inform you of your options, before you are obliged to pay.

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